BAMBI 2017

BAMBI 2017



BAMBI 2017 (looks: green evening dress, black belt, black clutch, black sandals)
BAMBI 2017 (looks: red neckline evening dress)
BAMBI 2017
BAMBI 2017
Tom Jones. BAMBI 2017 (looks: , black tie, black shirt)

In the photo: Tom Jones

Victoria Swarovski. BAMBI 2017 (looks: blue evening dress)

In the photo: Victoria Swarovski

Karoline Herfurth. BAMBI 2017

In the photo: Karoline Herfurth

Diane Kruger. BAMBI 2017

In the photo: Diane Kruger

Rita Ora. BAMBI 2017

In the photo: Rita Ora

Arnold Schwarzenegger. BAMBI 2017

In the photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hugh Jackman. BAMBI 2017 (looks: indigo blazer, white shirt, black bow-tie, black trousers)

In the photo: Hugh Jackman

Claudia Schiffer. BAMBI 2017

In the photo: Claudia Schiffer

Helene Fischer. BAMBI 2017 (looks: white evening dress with slit, gold sandals)

In the photo: Helene Fischer

BAMBI 2017
BAMBI 2017 (person: Kim Hnizdo)
BAMBI 2017 (person: Franziska Knuppe)
BAMBI 2017

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